Author Video Production

The SVP Difference for Author Promotional Videos

Are you an author looking to increase your visibility and grow your audience? Look no further than Storytellers Video Productions! Our team specializes in crafting video campaigns that effectively communicate your mission and message to potential readers.

Our services go beyond just showcasing your books. SVP Author Videos not only help you create a buzz about your book but also about YOU, the Author!

We also create author promotional videos that ignite a spark in potential readers, stirring their interest not just in your work, but in you as well. By partnering with SVP, you’ll receive a tailored promotional video that resonates with readers, helping you sell more copies and achieve your goals as an author.

Author Promotional Video Examples

Beautiful Warrior

Tina Yeager, Author

In this video Author/Speaker/Life Coach Tina Yeager talks about what drives her to help women lift themselves up and out of negativity and lies.

It also explains her motivation to write the book, “Beautiful Warrior”. The message is simple: Helping Empower Women and Live Their Lives to the Fullest!

Bonding Through Boundaries

Heart Founder June Hunt

In this video, Hope for the Heart Founder June Hunt discusses her book, Bonding with Your Child Through Boundaries. It not only teaches parents how to set boundaries, but how to maintain them!

A Promise to Protect

Patricia Bradley, Author

This video features author Patricia Bradley. In it, she discusses a variety of topics, including why she writes and what inspires her.

Why Use Author Promotional Videos?

Author promotional videos can be a very effective way to help sell a book for a number of reasons:

  • They can help to build trust and rapport with potential readers. When potential readers see and hear from the author directly, they can get a better sense of who the author is and what their book is about. This can help to build trust and rapport, which is essential for converting potential readers into customers.
  • They can help to generate excitement and enthusiasm for the book. A well-made author promotional video can generate excitement and enthusiasm for the book among potential readers. This can lead to more people buying the book and reading it.
  • They can help to promote the book to a wider audience. Author promotional videos can be shared on social media, on the author’s website, and on other online platforms. This can help to promote the book to a wider audience and reach more potential readers.
  • They can be used to highlight the author’s expertise and credibility. Author promotional videos can be used to highlight the author’s expertise and credibility in their field. This can make the book more appealing to potential readers and increase the likelihood that they will buy it.